dynamo.configuration.set_figure_params(dynamo=True, background='white', fontsize=8, figsize=(6, 4), dpi=None, dpi_save=None, frameon=None, vector_friendly=True, color_map=None, format='pdf', transparent=False, ipython_format='png2x')[source]
Set resolution/size, styling and format of figures.

This function is adapted from: https://github.com/theislab/scanpy/blob/f539870d7484675876281eb1c475595bf4a69bdb/scanpy/_settings.py

  • dynamo (bool (default: True)) – Init default values for matplotlib.rcParams suited for dynamo.

  • background (str (default: white)) – The background color of the plot. By default we use the white ground which is suitable for producing figures for publication. Setting it to black background will be great for presentation.

  • fontsize ([float, float] or None (default: 6)) –

  • figsize ((float, float) (default: (6.5, 5))) – Width and height for default figure size.

  • dpi (int or None (default: None)) – Resolution of rendered figures - this influences the size of figures in notebooks.

  • dpi_save (int or None (default: None)) – Resolution of saved figures. This should typically be higher to achieve publication quality.

  • frameon (bool or None (default: None)) – Add frames and axes labels to scatter plots.

  • vector_friendly (bool (default: True)) – Plot scatter plots using png backend even when exporting as pdf or svg.

  • color_map (str (default: None)) – Convenience method for setting the default color map.

  • format ({'png', 'pdf', 'svg', etc.} (default: 'pdf')) – This sets the default format for saving figures: file_format_figs.

  • transparent (bool (default: False)) – Save figures with transparent back ground. Sets rcParams[‘savefig.transparent’].

  • ipython_format (list of str (default: ‘png2x’)) – Only concerns the notebook/IPython environment; see IPython.core.display.set_matplotlib_formats for more details.