dynamo.vf.Wang_action(X_input, F, D, dim, N, lamada_=1)[source]

Calculate action by path integral by Wang’s method. Quantifying the Waddington landscape and biological paths for development and differentiation. Jin Wang, Kun Zhang, Li Xu, and Erkang Wang, PNAS, 2011

  • X_input (ndarray) – The initial guess of the least action path. Default is a straight line connecting the starting and end path.

  • F (Callable) – The reconstructed vector field function. This is assumed to be time-independent.

  • D (float) – The diffusion constant. Note that this can be a space-dependent matrix.

  • dim (int) – The feature numbers of the input data.

  • N (int) – Number of waypoints along the least action path.

  • lamada – Regularization parameter

Return type:



The action function calculated by the Hamilton-Jacobian method.