dynamo.vf.topography(adata, basis='umap', layer=None, X=None, dims=None, n=25, VecFld=None, **kwargs)[source]

Map the topography of the single cell vector field in (first) two or three dimensions.

  • adata (AnnData) – an AnnData object.

  • basis (Optional[str]) – The reduced dimension embedding of cells to visualize.

  • layer (Optional[str]) – Which layer of the data will be used for vector field function reconstruction. This will be used in conjunction with X.

  • X (Optional[ndarray]) – Original data. Not used

  • dims (Optional[list]) – The dimensions that will be used for vector field reconstruction.

  • n (Optional[int]) – Number of samples for calculating the fixed points.

  • VecFld (Optional[VecFldDict]) – The reconstructed vector field function.

  • kwargs – Key word arguments passed to the find_fixed_point function of the vector field class for high dimension

  • identification. (fixed point) –

Return type:



AnnData object that is updated with the VecFld or ‘VecFld_’ + basis dictionary in the uns attribute. The VecFld2D key stores an instance of the VectorField2D class which presumably has fixed points, nullcline,

separatrix, computed and stored.