dynamo.tl.DDRTree(X, maxIter, sigma, gamma, eps=0, dim=2, Lambda=1.0, ncenter=None, keep_history=False)[source]

This function is a pure Python implementation of the DDRTree algorithm.

  • X (DxN:'np.ndarray') – data matrix list

  • maxIter (maximum iterations) –

  • eps ('int') – relative objective difference

  • dim ('int') – reduced dimension

  • Lambda ('float') – regularization parameter for inverse graph embedding

  • sigma ('float') – bandwidth parameter

  • gamma ('float') – regularization parameter for k-means

  • ncenter ((int)) –


  • 1). if `keep_history` is True return history (‘DataFrame’) – the results dataframe of return

  • 2). else return a tuple of Z, Y, stree, R, W, Q, C, objs – W is the orthogonal set of d (dimensions) linear basis vector Z is the reduced dimension space stree is the smooth tree graph embedded in the low dimension space Y represents latent points as the center of