dynamo.pl.circosPlot(network, node_label_key=None, circos_label_layout='rotate', node_color_key=None, show_colorbar=True, edge_lw_scale=0.5, edge_alpha_scale=0.5)[source]

wrapper for drawing circos plot via nxviz >= 0.7.3

  • network (Graph) – a network graph instance

  • node_label_key (Optional[str]) – node label (attribute) in network for grouping nodes, by default None

  • circos_label_layout (str) – layout of circos plot (see nxviz docs for details), by default “rotate”

  • node_color_key (Optional[str]) – node attribute in network, corresponding to color values of nodes, by default None

  • show_colorbar (bool) – whether to show colorbar, by default True

  • edge_lw_scale (float) – the line width scale of edges drawn in plot

  • edge_alpha_scale (float) – the alpha (opacity, transparency) scale of edges, the value should be in [0, 1.0]

Return type:



the Matplotlib Axes on which the Circos plot is drawn.